Reinforcing the idea that Facebook is the worst

Since I have found the fabulous community that is Groupthink, I do not check Facebook nearly as often as I used to. There is very rarely anything that I find interesting enough that I would have been sad if I had missed it, and some of the people that I am Facebook friends with are idiots.
Today while I was checking FB I came across a link that a guy I go to church with shared. It was from one of our local news channels, and it was about the local police trying to locate a sexual assault suspect. The comment that he had posted on it was, "Ladies, that's why you always use the buddy system." My response was something along the lines of, "I understand what you are trying to say, and it's important to be careful, but the statement you made puts some of the blame on the victim, and that's not ok. Girls should be able to go out in public alone without having to worry about being assaulted." He replied with this ramble about how girls should be able to go out, but in reality they can't, and if this girl hadn't gone for a jog alone at night she wouldn't have been attacked, but he's not trying to put any of the blame on her, he's just trying to remind his friends to be careful. After all of this one of his friends replies with, "I'm a woman, and I don't see how this blames the victim at all, he's just trying to give us a heads up."
Have I completely lost my mind? I really genuinely feel like whether it was his intention or not that statement is really victime blaming, and his follow up statement just reinforces that idea, but I've been told that I see things in a goofy way, so I really don't know.


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